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Hrádek nad Nisou


The CIB GROUP carries out itsactivities in the Czech real estate market. It focuses exclusively onactivities related to the management and leasing of residential andoffice buildings in the capital as well as in particular regions.

The crucial strategy in the field ofrental housing is the expansion of housing stock and its subsequentreconstruction, leading to improved quality of housing.

The second cornerstone of theinvestment strategy of CIB GROUP, a.s., is renting the office houses.At this point we emphasize the prestigious location of officebuildings and excellent quality of the services provided.



CIB GROUP is implement a project for the reconstruction of an apartment building in Hrádek nad Nisou which will be financially supported from European Union funds. The aim of the project is to improve thermal parameters of the building in order to achieve energy savings and increase living comfort.



Administrativní objekt EDISON
Jeruzalémská 1321/2
110 00 Praha 1

Phone: +420 296 249 311
E-mail: info@cib.cz



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