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About us

CIB. The house, the story.

Stories start in different ways.

Our story began with a series of smaller projects in Prague and in the regions. For a time, we added a construction business. And the desire to do things without compromise led us to the realization of our own development projects.

At present, we are engaged in the construction, management and leasing of our own residential and office buildings. Our property portfolio currently comprises more than 1,300 apartments (i.e. approximately 80,000 m2 of residential space) and more than 18,000 m2 of office space.

In the area of rental housing, we focus on expanding our housing stock and gradually improving its quality. The second pillar of our investment strategy is the leasing of office space. In fulfilling this goal, we place emphasis on the prestigious location of the administrative complexes and the professional quality of the services provided.

We carry out a number of activities in the field of social responsibility and charity.

Our Group consists of the companies:
-CIB GROUP, a. s. provides the Group's consulting and administrative activities
-CIB Rental, s.r.o. covers the housing portfolio and its management
-CIB VODIČKOVA CENTRE s.r.o established for the project Vodičkova 33
-Balabenka Office Building, s.r.o. managing the Balabenka office building.

The management of CIB GROUP is currently entrusted to the Executive Director Dušan Koňařík.

Strategic issues are decided by the Board of Directors, composed of Hana Formánková, Alois Přibyl and Pavel Španko.

The ultimate owners of the Group are Alois Přibyl and Pavel Španko.