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Vodičkova - Praha 1

Vodičkova  - Praha 1

The property Vodičkova 33 is a seven storey building with a mixed-use function with a total floor area of 4 660m2. It is located in between the Myšák Gallery building and Langhans House in Vodičkova Street in the centre of Prague.

The building was originally called Vítek’s house and served as headquarters of the company Pražský obchod drogistickým zbožím (Prague’s Drugstore Company) and as a photo studio Panax. At a later stage the building was mainly used by banking institutions.

A current tenant of a retail space is the coffeehouse chain Costa Coffee. The administrative part of the building is mostly rented by attoreneys and lawyers.


Seven storey building with a mixed-use function

2 retail units at the ground floor with a door front to Vodičkova ulice

3500m2 of rentable floor area


Vodičkova 33, 110 00 Praha 1, 11000, Praha


Phone: 224 235 110
E-mail: info@cib.cz


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