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Jeruzalémská - Praha 1

Jeruzalémská - Praha 1

The EDISON building, formerly known as Edison transformation station, is located on the Jeruzalémská Street in the Prague City centre, near Jindřišská Tower and Jewish Jerusalem Synagogue, beside the park of St. Henry and St. Kunhuta’s church.

The EDISON building has been built in 1926-1930 by a brilliant architect F. A. Libra in, at that time emerging, new functionalism style.

The building has been sensitively renovated by Czech architect Ladislav Lábus in 2007.

Many original features have been preserved, e.g. metal door gates, window opening mechanism, staircases including handrail, but new air-conditioning technologies have been installed and also the interiors have been reconstructed so they meet today’s standards for a modern office building.

The building is currently used as a polyfunctional house with a main reception at the entrance.

  • Six-storey administration building
  • 1 retail unit at the ground floor 
  • 1200m2 of rentable floor area

Jeruzalémská 1321/2, 110 00, Praha 1


Phone: 296 249 311
E-mail: info@cib.cz



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