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New restaurant Rozmar-Inn at Vodičkova 33

New restaurant Rozmar-Inn at Vodičkova 33

A new restaurant Rozmar-Inn, was opened at the end on January 2019 on the ground floor at Vodičkova 33.

The interior of the restaurant was designed by DL-studio who specialize in interior design of bars and restaurants. The capacity of the restaurant is 120 seats, spread over 255 m2 on the ground floor and 113,5m2 in the basement. 

Original furniture from the beginning of the 20th Century has been preserved and renovated and is in the entrance area of the restaurant giving it a unique atmosphere and style.  It is complemented by a taproom bar with beer tanks from the Staropramen brewery. A private lounge for 40-50 guests is located at the rear of the restaurant. The lounge has a separate audio system so it can be easily transformed into a meeting room or a room for karaoke. Experienced chefs prepare Czech and international cuisine in front of guests in the open kitchen.

Facilities for food preparation, freezers and utility rooms are located in the basement. A new ventilation system, new heating and electrics were installed during this reconstruction together with new professional kitchen facilities.

The restaurant opens daily from 11am till 11pm. More information can be found on the restaurant’s website: www.rozmarinn.cz.