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KetoMix has new offices at Balabenka

KetoMix has new offices at Balabenka

We are delighted to welcome a new company to Balabenka; a team of enthusiastic people involved in the development, production and sale of low-carbohydrate meals. The brand Ketomix, the leader of its segment on the Czech market, has found its new base in the Balabenka building.

KetoMix offers its customers a complete program of ketone diets, also known as low-carb or high-protein foods. The foods and products are manufactured in the Czech Republic while ingredients for their production are imported from Europe. KetoMix clients get all the food for the diet and the diet plan at home and they can also use the services of nutrition counsellors free of charge. A month ago, the company also launched a new brand, DailyMix. It is a full-fledged meal replacement which is a great alternative, for example, for people in offices who cannot find the time for quality food.

Everything about the KetoMix diet can be found at www.ketomix.czIn addition to practical dietary advice, customer stories and recipes are published here as well as the option to connect with nutrition counsellors through the website. All information related to the new brand DailyMix can be found on www.dailymix.cz.