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Evolution of the CIB GROUP


  • Establishment of CIB GROUP by foreign investors (formerly CANADIAN INVESTMENT BRIDGE).


  • Purchase of the first residential complex of 277 former business flats in Prague Hostivař and Strašnice.
  • Launch of construction business (purchase of building materials company).


  • Purchase of housing stock in Hrádek nad Nisou in a public auction of 178 flats.


  • Preparation of reconstruction of apartment buildings in Hrádek nad Nisou.


  • Implementation of a new generation information system for housing and administrative fund management.
  • Joined INTEGRA Stavby, a.s. (Formerly Integra Liberec, a.s.).


  • Departure of overseas investors as a result of the US financial crisis. Takeover of the CIB GROUP by its management.
  • Corporate strategy refocused on the real estate market, expanding the housing and non-residential fund.


  • Ended business in the construction industry.
  • Purchase of 300 housing units in Liberec.
  • Purchase of an administrative building in Prague at Kačerov.
  • Purchase of 7 administrative buildings from Komerční banka and their partial back lease to Komerční banka.


  • Purchase of apartment house Klatovy with 50 apartments.
  • Complete reconstruction of residential buildings in Liberec, Rochlice district, partly financed by the EU Operational Program.
  • Reconstruction of administrative buildings purchased from Komerční banka and phased occupation by new tenants.


  • Complete reconstruction of apartment buildings in Prague Strašnice and Hostivař.
  • Purchase of 100 flats in Prague at Chodov and Prosek (former corporate flats of ČSAD Klíčov).


  • Takeover of the vacant Delta Haus office building in Prague, Vinohrady.
  • Reconstruction of apartment buildings in Prague at Chodov and Prosek.


  • Phased sale of renovated and fully occupied commercial premises in the regions, purchased in 2010 from local investors.
  • Purchase of the Balabenka office building in Prague, Libeň.


  • Completion of the construction of office space in the Balabenka office building and finding of new tenants.
  • Complete renovation of the Delta Haus office building and finding of new tenants.


  • Successful completion of Balabenka's investment project, the building is fully leased after finishing works.
  • Successful completion of the investment project of the Delta Haus project, the building is fully leased after complete reconstruction.
  • Handover of newly-built archive to the tenant in the administrative building of Kačerov.


  • Purchase of a commercial apartment building in Vodičkova Street in the centre of Prague.
  • Revitalization of the apartment building in Klatovy.
  • Purchase of 740 flats in Prague at Písnice (former corporate flats of ČEZ)


  • Launch of a new information portal pisnice.com.
  • Opening of a Client Centre and a new maintenance division directly at the housing estate in Písnice.
  • New headquarters for CIB GROUP at the Edison building in Jeruzalémská.
  • Successful completion of the project in Velké Přílepy.
  • Sale of the office building at Čerčanská, Prague 4.
  • An acquisition of a Shopping Centre in Písnice.


The management of the CIB GROUP Group is currently in the charge of Dušan Koňařík as Executive Director.

Strategic issues of the management of the CIB GROUP are decided by the Board of Directors composed of Mrs. Hana Formánková, Mr. Alois Přibyl and Mr. Pavel Španko.